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How to reduce anxiety with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Anxiety is the number one reason why people get in touch with Somerset Hypnotherapy. Anxiety is the feeling or emotion that we experience as we try to make sense of new or challenging situations. It is a normal part of living but sometimes it can generate so much fear that it can feel as if it has taken over our life.

Over the last decade of working with a huge variety of people who suffered with anxiety, I have been able to develop a method that normally resolves anxiety in 2-3 sessions. I take time to work with you to understand all of the drivers that promote the feelings of anxiety and then deal with them.

Work life, poor diet choices and relationship or family stress can all drive us to feeling anxious, so with a variety of causes, I use more than one approach to reduce and even get rid of your uneeded anxiety completely. Call me today on 07801 749987 to see how I can help you.

Learn more about how hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help to reduce anxiety by watching the short video above.

Tips to reduce anxiety

1) Stay well hydrated throughout the day. Being too dry can raise anxiety.

2) Make sure that you get a good balance of vitamins and minerals in your diet by eating a wide variety of foods. If you are uncertain whether you get enough, consider taking a good quality multi-vitamin & mineral supplement.

3) Reduce the amount of caffeine you take in. Tea, coffee and colas all have caffeine that tends to raise anxiety.

4) Learn to control your breathing. Deep slow regular breathes will help to keep you calm.

5) Grandma was right, fish is good for you, because of Omega 3 oils. Consider taking an Omega 3 supplement if fish is not a regular part of your diet.

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