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Articles on hypnosis, personal change and development by John Burns

At various times during my work with hypnosis and other change techniques, I have found it useful to put my thoughts down in the form of an article for publication.

You are most welcome to use these articles on your own web site as long as you link back to this one and do not alter the articles in any way.

If you have a specific interest, then use the menu below to learn much more and watch the video to get a better picture of what hypnosis is all about. Many people know that Hypnotherapy is a very effective way to stop smoking or lose weight, but it can also be used to help a wide range of issues, so that you can get on with living life to the full!

My Latest video on quit smoking

Beating The Barriers To Making Life Changes

A desire to make a life change on its own is often not enough to make things happen. This article explain how your mind filters out ideas and believes that can be useful for you and what to do about that filtering. It details the four ways that new ideas can be accepted into the powerful unconscious part of mind.

Beating The Barriers To Making Life Changes-PDF download

Beating The Barriers To Making Life Changes-MP3 Audio download

Can You Really Change Your Life With Autosuggestion?

In 1916 Emile Coue developed the idea of auto-suggestion to bring the unconscious power of the mind to everyday issues. His method of self improvement is even more valid today than it was in the early 20th century. Use this simple "How to" guide to create your own powerful and effective affirmations.

Can You Really Change Your Life With Autosuggestion?-PDF download

Why Do Friends Try To Sabotage Positive Change?

So you have decided to make a big and important change in your life. You may not yet know exactly how you will do it, but whatever that planned change is, it took guts and commitment to make that decision. So why would a friend, colleague or family member try to stop you? Find out here.

Why Do Friends Try To Sabotage Positive Change?-PDF download

What does a client say about John Burns of Somerset Hypnotherapy

Straight talking, non-hippy type Hypnotherapy. John stopped my compulsion to smoke within 1 hour session. Hypnotherapy... hypno rubbish or so I thought; whether it be for smoking, weight loss or indeed working with John to help unleash your ability in business. I recommend you take him up on his free consultation . Thanks John in helping me avoid an early grave!

Brad Burton -

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