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How to boost your confidence with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Low self-confidence can stop you in your tracks, stifle your career hopes and even stop you being with the person you want to be. I have worked to boost self-confidence in those who want to build new relationships but are too scared to and to help those whose career has faltered through a lack of confidence in taking the next step up.

Building self confidence is an important task; the causes of a lack of confidence can vary and have many different roots. Hypnotherapy enables the me to work with you to bring about real positive change in your life.

A lack of confidence is often linked with low self esteem and the potential causes are many and varied. For this reason a lack of confidence can show up in many situations:

* Dating

* Fear of rejection

* Fear of commitment

* Fear of driving

* Giving a presentation

* Interviews

* Nervousness before a test

* Public speaking

* Stage fright

* Social phobias

Hypnotherapy works to change the way a situation is perceived and deal with out of date personal beliefs that are getting in the way of progress.

This technique will also naturally boost your self esteem, your self belief and form a positive self image.

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What does a client say about John Burns of Somerset Hypnotherapy

Straight talking, non-hippy type Hypnotherapy. John stopped my compulsion to smoke within 1 hour session. Hypnotherapy... hypno rubbish or so I thought; whether it be for smoking, weight loss or indeed working with John to help unleash your ability in business. I recommend you take him up on his free consultation . Thanks John in helping me avoid an early grave!

Brad Burton -

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