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How you can get rid of fears and phobias with hypnosis

If certain creatures make your flesh crawl, if the thought of standing on a high ladder leaves you weak at the knees, then the chances are that you have an intense fear or phobia. I don't even want to mention some of the phobias I have sucessfully worked with in case you are unable to read further!

Often we have no logical explanation for this fear came from or why it should affect us at all. There appears to be no logic to having a phobia but it is simply the action of our self-protection mechanisms working overtime. A logical response to curing the problem simply does not work; what we need is to work directly with the subconscious mind, fortunately that is exactly what hypnosis does.

Hypnosis allows us to get to the root of a phobic response and deal with it quickly and effectively.

What is a 'fear'?

Fear is what we feel when we are in the presence of a real danger… it is the feeling associated with our body preparing itself to either fight the source of the danger, or escape from it.

What is a phobia?

A phobia is a similar, often extremely intense feeling of fear, which is caused this time, by a situation or object with doesn't actually pose any real threat to our safety.

Common with many phobias, is the feeling of a loss of control in the given situation, this can trigger stress, anxiety, and sometimes, full scale panic.

Often the person will learn to avoid the situation or object which triggers these feelings, and when they avoid ‘it’, (& subsequently don't get these feelings of anxiety), this only serves to re-enforce the link between the object or situation, and the fear.

Phobias are often caused by an intense feeling of terror being experienced by a child. This feeling can become detached from the stimulus of that terror, and becoming free to attach itself to another (innocuous) object or situation.

Once the fear becomes attached to this secondary object, a link is established which will subsequently cause the fear to be felt when the (new) stimulus is present. This new link may seem far removed from the original stimulus.

There are a range of techniques in hypnotherapy to help you change this subconscious linkage and so remove the phobia. The therapies used will depend on your situation but will be tailored to suit your needs.

If you're ready to move on from a fear or phobia and start living live to the full again, call me now on 07801 749987.

What does a client say about John Burns of Somerset Hypnotherapy

Straight talking, non-hippy type Hypnotherapy. John stopped my compulsion to smoke within 1 hour session. Hypnotherapy... hypno rubbish or so I thought; whether it be for smoking, weight loss or indeed working with John to help unleash your ability in business. I recommend you take him up on his free consultation . Thanks John in helping me avoid an early grave!

Brad Burton -

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