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Goal setting with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Sometimes, however much we want something and however hard we try to achieve a goal, it just seems to slip away. After a few attempts we may even give up trying to achieve that certain something altogether and write the experience off as “just another thing that’s gone wrong”.

Often it is the battle between willpower and our emotions that causes the 'blockage'. In the end emotions always win out over willpower and so we can find ourself stuck.

But there are ways to consistently achieve your aims, ways to get to your goals and then exceed them! Whether your goals are work related or part of a need to fulfil your creative urges, Hypnosis and NLP used in combination provide a powerful range of techniques to help you realise your ambitions.

Call me on 07801 749987 to release those blocks to progress or start by trying the technique below. This method may well be enough to get you "un-stuck".

Setting goals the SMART way

Setting goals is something that seems to be quite simple and easy; decide what you want (set the goal) and then go after it. But often after we set a goal, we find that, for whatever reason, things just didn’t quite seem work out as we thought they should. Events didn’t happen in the way we thought they might; people didn’t react in the way we thought they should and our cherished goal slips away into the distance, seemingly more unachievable than ever.

However if we keep in mind some simple rules, then setting a goal can really lead you to where you’d like to be. In the world of business, goals are supposed to be SMART and we can very usefully adopt the same technique in our personal lives. Working with a Hypnotherapist on your goals can help to refine your aims and build on the powerful technique outlined below.

The ‘S’ means specific, make your goal, very specific say exactly what is that you want to achieve. Not simply “I want to lose weight” but “I want to lose seven pounds”.

The ‘M’ means measurable, how will you actually know that you’ve achieved your goal. The outcome must be measurable.

The 'A' stands for achievable, can you really achieve the goal you set yourself? Is it really possible, or are you effectively asking yourself to walk on water? How will you do it?

The ‘R’ means realistic, that’s to say, if you applied a commonsense judgement to this goal does it seem reasonable? Is it actually possible?

The final letter 'T' means time-bound or in a timely manner. So if you set yourself a goal to lose 7 pounds but you define that this should happen by next Monday, it’s timely but not realistic. Any goal you set needs to have an achievable timeline attached to it.

SMART Goal Setting

Make your goals...

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Achieveable
R = Realistic
T = Time bound

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