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How to get rid of unwanted habits with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Nail biting, tongue chewing, hair pulling, thumb sucking and picking at skin are all examples of the kind of unwanted habits that can be successfully resolved with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Often these types of habits start in childhood as a way of dealing with difficult or stressful situations. Normally we let them go later in childhood, but sometimes we continue with them, even into adult life.

They provide us with a way to cope with difficult situations until we get fed up with having chewed nails or having painful sores in the mouth. As adults these habits are often so ingrained that they are difficult to change without external help. Hypnosis provides a really powerful way to let go of these old unwanted habits and give you new ways to effectively deal with stress and anxiety.

Nail Biting

This is the most common habit that people like you want to stop. It is often assumed that it's mostly the ladies who do this but I have worked with plenty of guys too.

Often it will be a special event like a wedding that prompts a person to call but there are other reasons too.

Bitten and chewed nails can badly affect a person's confidence, even to the point where they would rather not shake hands with visitors or colleagues at work, such is the shame they feel about the way their fingers look.

This may be seen by others as arrogance or stand-offish behaviour (even though it is not) and can even harm the person's chances for promotion. If you are losing out on extra pay, nail biting can be a very expensive habit indeed.

The good news is that it can typically be dealt with in 2-3 hypnosis sessions.

Tongue and Cheek Chewing

Until I started in my hypnotherapy practice I had not realised what a common habit this is. Like nail biting, it seems to have its roots in a soothing habit we started in childhood, that some how carried on into adult years.

Frequently it leads to mouth ulcers, bleeding and long term discomfort even permanent damage to the tongue or jaw. It is not a trivial concern. The good news is that like nail biting, it normally responds very well to hypnotherapy in 2-3 sessions and I have even recorded a special hypnosis CD to deal with this issue.

To get rid of your unwanted habit call me now on 07801 749987.

What does a former cheek chewer say about John's work?

I've been chewing my cheeks as long as I remember; I don't know why I started but I tend to chew when I'm stressed or bored, or on a long car journey. Most of the time I don't even realise I'm doing it till I draw blood, and then regret it and promise not to do it again ... till the next time.

I used one of the Gift4Life hypnotherapy CDs; this was one specially for people who chew their cheeks or tongue. I listened to the CD every night at bedtime for two weeks and to be honest I was a little bit cynical about it and didn't think it would help. However, over the course of that fortnight I noticed I was chewing my cheek less and less - and when I did do it I realised and stopped really quickly. By the end of the two weeks I'd almost stopped completely - I did catch myself doing it at a moment of great stress, so I listened to the CD again a few times and now I don't do it at all.

The CD itself was very relaxing, and quite unlike any other hypnosis CD I've heard in the past. John Burns' voice is very restful and as he invited me to visualised myself surrounded by colour I drifted away ... I can't actually remember much of what else was said, but whatever it was it obviously worked!

It's really changed my life - it might not sound like a big deal but when you chew your cheeks regularly it hurts, and you tend to leave rough bits of skin, which you then chew ... so it carries on. Having smooth, pain-free cheeks has really cheered me up and made me feel much better overall.

Alison N., Oxfordshire

What does a client say about John Burns of Somerset Hypnotherapy

I just wanted to say that after five weeks I am still not smoking and don't really want to. It is very strange but thanks for a successful solution. 
Mr. M.R. of Dorset, UK

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