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Hypnosis CDs to use in your own home?

You can use my professionally recorded CDs in your own home. These are the CDs I give to my personal therapy clients. Hypnosis CDs that work and will work for you. Use the Gift4life hypnosis CDs to deepen the personal change that you want in your life.

A hypnosis CD enables you to make life changes at your own pace and the power of repetition will compound the positive effects that you desire.

You can purchase these CDs directly from me with all payments safely handled by PayPal or if you prefer, you may send a cheque or Postal Order in the post to:

Somerset Hypnotherapy
96 Abbey Road
Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 3EZ

All CDs are priced at £9.97 each plus £1.75 post and pack = total price £11.72

Remember to tell us which CD or CDs you would like if ordering by post. Delivery is normally 5 days or less.

Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to "Somerset Hypnotherapy". For your own security, please do not send cash in the post.

Are you looking to deal with something not listed here? Please check my personal custom hypnotherapy recording page here.

Listen to samples of the hypnosis CDs in the player below. Remember to turn up your speakers.

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Inner Strength

Inner Strength CD to boost Self Esteem. This one CD has helped so many people in my own personal practice. Start here if you are not sure where to begin.

Self Confidence

Create amazing Self Confidence with this CD. This hypnosis CD builds that new Self Confidence for you.

Slimmer You

Lose weight with Slimmer You CD. This hypnosis CD reprograms, old out of date, eating & emotional habits for you.

Releasing Anxiety

Reduce panic and anxiety with the Releasing Anxiety CD. Not a hypnosis CD but 4 audio tracks to reduce the causes and effects of panic & anxiety.

Sleep Easy

Stress leads to insomnia, let it go with the Sleep Easy CD. Tracks include wow to reduce sleep anxiety & a gentle guided journey to sleep.

Great Nails

Great Nails hypnosis CD was recorded to help guys stop nail biting but very effective for ladies too.

Elegant Nails

Stop biting & have longer Elegant Nails with this hypnosis CD. Designed for ladies who want longer nails.

Beat Procrastination

It's time to put off putting things off. Beat Procrastination & move forward with this very effective hypnosis CD.

Ultimate Relaxation

The Ultimate Relaxation CD. Two different, deeply relaxing tracks that bring you to a deep sense of calmness and relaxation. Uses breathing and colours to create a profound, deep relaxation.

The Symbol - Get rid of mental blocks

Mental blocks often stop us from achieving a goal. Identify those with The Symbol CD and dissolve them away. A great way to move forward when you feel stuck.

Stop Chewing - Cheek & tongue

Stop Chewing your tongue or cheek with this CD. Like biting nails, cheek or tongue chewing are a subconscious way to avoid anxiety. This CD can change the habit, for good.

Stop Thumb Sucking - For adults

It can be embarrasing to be an adult thumb sucker. It's often a leftover from childhood that got carried through to our adult years. Finally stop that old habit now.

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What did Linda say about John Burns of Somerset Hypnotherapy

Dear John

I hope you are well. I can say that the session I had with you about interview nerves has done me so much good, as have the CDs. The first interview I had after the session, I got a job offer and have accepted! The interview involved a presentation which I would have previously been so nervous in, but I was very calm this time! Before the interview I was even calm enough to read a book instead of manically looking through the job desccription and panicking! Thank you for your help and I would not hesitate to recommend you.

Kindest regards

Linda A-

CDs are shipped by First Class post to the UK and by Air Mail to the rest of Europe.

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