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  Are you afraid of hypnosis?  

There are many people for whom the very idea of hypnosis is scary. Often these people have seen stage hypnosis shows where the 'subjects' are made to dance with mops or run around like chickens. This fear of hypnosis can stop people getting the very help thatYou may be thinking that because hypnotherapy uses hypnosis, it would be similar to the stage experience.

The good news is that it is not. Hypnotherapy is literally therapy whilst in a hypnotic state and hypnosis is a natural state very akin to daydreaming or even being completely engrossed in a film, for example. We know that the film is make believe, but still, we can be so engaged by the script, actors and cinematography that we can be moved to laughter or even tears. Our emotions have been engaged by the experience; we behave as if we are in a hypnotic state.


Nor does the hypnotherapist have total control over the client; hypnotherapy is a collaborative process if either party does not want to take part then nothing at all is going to happen. The idea that the client loses or gives over complete control to the hypnotherapist is simply a misunderstanding of the process.

If you would like to read more about this I recommend the book 'I'm Afraid Of Hypnosis But I Don't Know Why' by Deborah Marshall-Warren. Follow this link for more details

Or if you are still wondering if this process is for you then give me a call on 07801 749987 to find out more.

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