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Personal Hypnotherapy recordings produced just for you - new lower price!

My standard hypnotherapy CD recordings are great for many of the usual conditions that I work with. But if you work with me one to one, we'll generally go deeper and deal with all the elements of your situation that contribute to where you are today.

What if you can't easily get to me, or you'd like to begin to make changes today from your own home?

Well now you can do just that with my personalised hypnotherapy recordings. I'll create a therapeutic hypnotherapy recording to work with the paticular problem you have today. To make this possible, I ask you to provide me (by email) with some background information about how the situation started and how it affects you today.

From the information you provide, I'll create a hypnotherapy recording just for you. A recording that is exactly tailored to meet your specific needs. It's like having a consultation without ever leaving home.

How does it work?

You provide me with some history and background information to the problem (I have a useful check list for you to use, that really makes this easy). All the information that you provide is completely confidential.

Using the information you provide, I produce a customised recording for you tailored to your personal needs. Because you are providing that information, rather than me taking it as notes in the consultation room, you benefit from a better price.

You send me this information and make the payment through PayPal. I will ackowledge the receipt of your information by email. In some cases it may be useful to clarify a point and again we'll use email to do this.

Once these steps are completed I will work on your personal recording. In 7-10 days (or less) you'll get an email from me with details of how to download the MP3 track. You simply dowload this MP3 via your smartphone or computer and play the MP3 on any capable device (mobile phone, PC etc).

Your hypnotherapy track can be with you whenever and wherever you wish.

How much does it cost?

This custom recording session costs less than a face to face therapy session, that's just £35. Payment is by credit or debit card via PayPal and is made at the time of placing the booking. This is all done by email and PayPal's systems. I never have a copy of your card details.

What to do next

Send me an email with 'Recording' as the subject line and I'll send you the check list to get started.


Additional Information

Recordings are normally between 20 and 30 minutes long.

They are best listened to through headphones/earphones in a safe comfortable location.

You should never drive or operate any equipment that needs your attention whilst listening to the recording.

A hypnotherapy recording can never be a substitute for treatment of a mental health condition. When in doubt ask your GP or specialist for advice.

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