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How you can quit smoking with the use of hypnosis

If you want to stop smoking, hypnosis is in my opinion, the simplest, fastest, most effective way to become a non-smoker. Smoking now seems to have become the social equivalent of leprosy, and some smokers feel pressured into changing their ways.

I think the pressure is a mistake, every smoker I have worked has come to a decision in their own time and for their own reason about why they wish to stop.

There is no longer any argument about whether smoking harms your health; it does. Even Philip Morris International (the makers of Marlboro cigarettes) say this on their web site:

Cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and other serious diseases in smokers. Smokers are far more likely than non-smokers to develop diseases such as lung cancer. There is no such thing as a "safe" cigarette.

Learn more about how you can become a non-smoker with the aid of hypnosis by watching the short video above.

Why is hypnotherapy for stopping smoking so popular? - Because it works!!!

Every year, many people just like you, stop smoking using hypnotherapy... But how does it work? Perhaps an explanation would be helpful. Many people, who try to stop smoking by ‘willpower alone', will stop smoking at first but will drift back to to the habit within the first few days or weeks.

Willpower is vastly overated!

If you want some proof, try this little experiment. Just for the next 60 seconds close your eyes and try not to think about a cigarette. Whatever you do, avoid that image of a cigarette popping into your mind.

What happened?

I'm going to guess that somehow, whatever a cigarette means to you, an image of that popped into your mind, even though you didn't want it!

If will-power can't control that, then what hope for will-power working for you?

Hypnotherapy does not rely on will-power, it gets right to the roots of the reason why you smoke. It deals with the real emotions that drive your smoking so that you can get on and live your life smoke free. It works.

Did you know that using hypnotherapy to help you become a non-smoker is actually less expensive and faster than using an alternative method like Niquitin? Niquitin suggest you should use their patches for 12 weeks in a reducing dose.

You may have been tempted to try the prescription medication Champix (Chantix in North America) as a way of stopping but do please check the side effects that some users suffer with. The drug based approach is not always the simple way that is described. Some side effects include nausea, constipation, gas, vomiting and changes in dreaming. (Nightmares are often described by users.)

That list is not exhaustive, side effects that are listed as 'frequent,' include diarrhoea, gingivitis, chest pain, back pain, dizziness, anxiety, depression, emotional disorder, polyuria (excessive urination), menstrual disorder, and hypertension.

Hypnotherapy has no side effects and Hypnotherapy costs you nothing because you will not buying cigarettes; think about it!

The Somerset Hypnotherapy program includes two FREE CDs (or MP3 downloads) and a 28 page booklet packed with useful information. Use the recordings at home to reinforce the positive change.

I don't know if you have already chosen to become a natural non-smoker or if you'll make that decision in the next few minutes, but when you do decide you can,
call me now on 07801 749987.

What does a client say about John Burns of Somerset Hypnotherapy

Straight talking, non-hippy type Hypnotherapy. John stopped my compulsion to smoke within 1 hour session. Hypnotherapy... hypno rubbish or so I thought; whether it be for smoking, weight loss or indeed working with John to help unleash your ability in business. I recommend you take him up on his free consultation . Thanks John in helping me avoid an early grave!

Brad Burton -

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